Make your voice heard on change to out-of-hours health services

HUCKNALL’S NHS out of hours services — the emergency doctor etc — are under review, and we, the patients, have a legal right to be consulted about the changes.

The local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are holding focus group meetings later this month to involve us in decisions relating to these local NHS services.

Hucknall falls into the ‘Nottingham North and East’ area, not the Ashfield area. Our ‘home’ focus group is meeting at a community centre in Carlton, nine miles (and two bus trips) away!

Other meetings are being held in Stapleford and Ruddington, and TWO in Nottingham city centre. None in Hucknall.

Once again, Hucknall loses out — we’re just the inconvenient ‘bit in the middle’ between Nottingham and Sutton-in-Ashfield that doesn’t seem to matter.

When I raised my concerns with a service improvement co-ordinator for the CCGs, she replied:

“The North of the county (Mansfield and Ashfield) is covered by the out of hours services that is based up there. I think it is in Mansfield, and they will also be undertaking focus groups to discuss the future service in more detail specifically relating to the service specifications.’

I have a bad feeling about this. I feel we are not a priority within the Nottingham North and East CCG. Instead of our traditional role as Sutton-in-Ashfield’s ‘poor relation’, it looks like we may become the ‘poor relation’ of Gedling!

I urge readers to make their feelings known. Telephone Tracie Baker on 0115 883 9320 or email her at If we cannot get a focus group meeting in Hucknall, at least please try to attend the meeting at Burton Road Community Centre (9.30-11.30 am on Thursday November 22, NG4 3GN) or Standard Court, Park Row, Nottingham (2.30-4.30 pm on Monday November 27, NG1 6GN).

Don’t allow Hucknall to miss out, NHS out of hours service is important to every one of us! Make your views known.



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