Man who would only pee in work’s time!

SOME people are unbelievable.

Years ago I worked at a factory in Beeston.

One day when we came out for a mid-shift break, it was a lovely summer’s day. A group of us decided to sit on the pavement outside and eat our meal.

While we were eating our meal I noticed a workmate alongside me wriggling about. I asked him what was the matter.

He said: “I want to go to the lavatory.” I said: “Well, why don’t you go then?”

He said: “What, go in my time! I’m going to wait until I get back and go in the firm’s time.”

Can you believe some people.

I mentioned this to a relative and she said: “I used to know a man who sneaked off to have his hair cut in the firm’s time.

He said: “It grows in the firm’s time so I’ll have it cut in the firm’s time.”


Maple Drive,