Many carers are thorough and professional

I FEEL strongly that all carers are being labelled as uncaring. This is not true.

So I should like to make a point that there are many genuine, hard-working and professional carers about.

I know this because I use an agency to care for my disabled husband’s personal needs at home.

I am very satisfied with their attention to detail and thoroughness. They are friendly, kind and thoughtful towards my husband. They are reliable and punctual.

Before I had the carers, I looked after my husband by myself. Since I have used this particular private company, my life has been made much easier and I feel more content. I have three visits a day, and life is so much improved for us both.

Yes, there may be people in the profession who do not provide a good service.

But I’d like to put the record straight that there are people who provide a valuable and worthwhile back-up to people like myself.

I cannot thank our carers enough for the wonderful work they do for my husband and I.