Memories and stories needed of Eric Coates’s former home

I CURRENTLY live in the house of former Hucknall composer Eric Coates at Tenter Hill, off Beardall Street, which used to be a doctor’s surgery.

During the years we have been here, we have had many people vizir the house for its historic value and offten bumped into people from all walks of life who either know the house of who once used the doctor’s surgery here.

Usually, these people have great stories to tell about the house and the people who lived and worked here.

This has prompted me to think about putting together a book before these lovely stories are lost.

One elderly gentleman I met once told me his great grandfather built the chimneys on the house.

A lady I met another time was writing her own story of her great-great aunt who was an under-maid to the Coates family when they lived here back in the late 1880s.

We once caught a young lady taking a brass rubbing of the plaque on our outside wall. She told us she was a great-great-great niece of Eric Coates and had travelled from the USA to see the house. The brass rubbing was to take back to her father in the States to prove she had actually made it to the Coates family home.

I would like to hear from any of these people and anyone else who has a memory or story connected to Tenter Hill.

Please send me your memories, stories and photos of your experiences connected to the house, particularly to the Coates family and the doctor’s surgery. My e-mail address is


Tenter Hill,

182 Beardall Street,