Mining memorial project needs your backing

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I WOULD first like to take the opportunity to thank the two people who stopped me in Hucknall to enquire about how they could make a donation to the proposed mining memorial in the town.

They went on to point out that not enough publicity is available so that the general public could, if they wish, make a donation.

I did point out that an article had recently appeared in the Dispatch giving options on visiting the website that has been prepared in order for donations to be made.

However, I must sincerely apologise for not paying enough attention to those who don’t use or have access to the Internet.

I would like to report that the project has gained some momentum, but there is still more to be done.

So I would like to take the opportunity to invite anyone who wishes to make a donation to contact me on 07806 752909 or at and I am sure I will be able to help.

I firmly believe in this project and I think it’s a valuable one-off that must succeed — and with your help, it will.


Kenbrook Road,