Modern-day version of 'Men Of England'

ON READING about Lord Byron, not his poetry but his social beliefs, I came upon a poem by Percy Shelley. The poem was 'Men Of England'.

On reading the poem, I was inspired to re-write it as I think they would have liked it written in 2010, especially by an ex-miner.

We do not give enough credit to the sacrifices Lord Byron made for his beliefs, and it would be respectful of our ancestors to appreciate the suffering Lord Byron witnessed in the Hucknall area.

So here is the poem, 'Men Of England 2010', to help celebrate St George's Day:

'Men Of England, now is the time,

Let no politician commit any crime.

You pay your taxes with toil and care,

So the strong and weak can fairly share.

You work hard, from cradle to grave.

You are trained, to scrimp and save,

For ungrateful bankers, if they could,

Would drain your sweat and drink your blood.

Therefore, Men Of England, with no arms to bear,

Stand up and show your face with no fear.

Now MPs know they cannot spoil,

The forced produce of your continual toil.

Have your leisure, comfort and calm,

Protect the weak from any harm,

The rose you weave, you will now wear

And challenge you, no-one would dare.

Sow the seed, the English shall reap,

Save the wealth, no banker could keep.

Weave robes, no idle can wear,

Bear no arms, show that you care.

Return to your communities that you do cherish,

In halls you build, the parasites shall perish.

Shake off your chains of social control,

Let no Englishman be put on the dole.

With tools of trade and quality craft,

Trace your roots of history past,

Then weave a future for the free

That should be our destiny.



(Address supplied).