More connection to Beardall than Byron

REGARDING the recent Letter from Martin Gill, I totally agree that the name for the new business centre in Hucknall should be the Beardall Business Centre, rather than the Byron Business Centre, because the area has more connections with the Beardall family than it does with Byron.

Beardall Street, which used to be known as Beardall’s Lane, was named after the Beardall family. But I have never heard of it being known as Jack Beardall’s Lane.

My ancestor, Thomas Beardall, came from Newstead and bought a strip of land in Hucknall. He intended to build on it and divide it between his two sons.

As the land was stony, he began in the middle and built three cottages and a large house for his son Joseph. This was converted into a public house and a set of malt rooms (the Yew Tree, which was originally 150 yards further up Beardall Street than it is now).

When he died in 1796, he left some property and the public house to his son Joseph Beardall. Joseph sold the house but kept the malt rooms and built another public house (the present Yew Tree) by the road to Nottingham.

Other members of the Beardall family kept the Yew Tree for about three generations after Joseph, and others were shopkeepers on Beardall’s Lane. The children of these families probably went to the Beardall Street schools, so there is definitely more of link with the Beardalls than there is with Byron.


Farleys Lane, Hucknall.