More important things to worry about than an incinerator

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WHAT is wrong with the possibility of a waste-burning incinerator in Hucknall (Dispatch of Friday July 8)?

It would create jobs and produce much-needed energy.

Surely it is more important to site the plant in a suitable location. There is no point paying more landfill tax to the European Union (EU). People have to face facts — there are only so many holes.

(By the way, I believe we would be better off out of the EU. I do not see us building French or German trains. They keep them in-house).

There are more important things to worry about than a waste-burning incinerator, such as the closure of local special needs facilities/homes catering for people within the Hucknall community.

The council has rubberstamped this, moving the users to bigger homes out of the area which will probably specialise for none but do their best for all, in the process destroying the hearts and hopes of many, together with their community.

I have a better idea. Let’s do the job properly, shut everything and move them to London or the south-east. That’s the only place that matters to all our politicans.


Washdyke Lane,