More poo bins are needed in battle against dog mess

AS A responsible dog owner, it would seem part of the problem of dog fouling is that Ashfield District Council does not appear to provide enough bins for dog waste.

To my knowledge, for example, once you walk past Hucknall’s Bowman pub on Nottingham Road, right down to the city boundary, there is not one single bin to be found.

This is something, in my opinion, which should be addressed. Can the council not look at this and provide some bins, either for general litter or specifically for dog waste?

Also, around Bestwood Country Park and the Mill Lakes, there is a lack of bins.

I always carry waste bags with me and there is nothing more infuriating than stepping in dog mess left by other irresponsible owners while you collect your own dog’s mess.

I regularly see a man around Bestwood Village with a labrador who carries a radio with him. While he is listening to that he allows his dog to foul freely wherever it drops.

I would like to say something to him but the health hazards of dog mess are well documented and in this day and age I would probably be wearing a face full for my boldness!


Millbank Place,

Bestwood Village.