MP trying to curry favour with coal industry call

THE Dispatch article two weeks ago about our local MP, Mark Spencer (Con), wanting to reopen the mines and revive the coal industry made me smile.

It’s been 25 years since ‘his Goddess’ shut most of the mines in England. Now he wants to reopen them.

What I would like to know is: who is going to work in them?

It took me seven years of college education to gain a ‘class 1 electrician’s certificate’, then another three years to get another mining qualification. Who is going to teach workers what to do when they reopen the mines? The only people who were competent enough to teach are probably dead.

We all know what will happen when they try to open up the mines again, Polish miners.

Who will supply the mining equipment? Nobody in this country makes it any more. All the firms closed when ‘his Goddess’ shut the mines.

What Mark Spencer is doing is trying to boost his image because he is the MP for an old mining community. He knows he will be out of a job at the next election unless he does something to gain favour.

You can’t turn back time.


Woodstock Street,