My grandma always used to say: forget sex and politics for a good life

I WAS relaxing in one of Hucknall`s fine social clubs the other Saturday night when a gentleman named Bob asked me how I was.

I replied OK because one does not discuss one’s aliments, does one?

I looked around and wondered. Most of us probably had done our share of marching and protesting. But to what avail?

There have been a lot of Letters recently in your good newspaper, blaming politicians of every persuasion for our present predicament.

I am non-political because grandma always said: forget politics and sex for a good life. But everyone who enters public office, whether it be as a councillor or an MP, since way before the turn of the century and up to the present day, should hang their heads in shame.

How can they all not take the blame for millions of children living below the poverty line in homes unfit for human habitation. For the old and infirm not receiving the care they require at even a basic level after they have done their best for us, unlike the people in prison? The list is endless.

I never have been able to understand how this can be when the politicians can find millions to drop bombs.

They entered public life to help form a better society for all. But all that happens is the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, plus they seem to have done all right for themselves on the way.

I am too old. I have seen too much. It`s time for the young to stand up and show they care.

It’s no use going on to the streets to protest. Go see your councillors/MPs and let your views be known. Let us hope for a better future for our children


Washdyke Lane,