New kit for Olympics is desecration of our flag

I AM appalled at the desecration of our national flag by Stella McCartney and those who accepted her design for the British Olympic athlete’s uniform, which was unveiled at a public ceremony this week.

Where is the red cross of St George and the red cross of St David?

This is yet another assault on our Britishness and the traditions that our forefathers fought for.

There are people in this country who have no sense of respect for their own homeland.

This can be laid firmly at the door of the now discredited multiculturism, engendered by our membership of the European Union and also by immoral liberal policies.

You do not need a degree in sociology to observe the destruction membership of the EU has caused to the identity of this once-great nation.

However the worst crime that has been committed is by the public and it is called apathy!

Until ALL the people speak out against this destruction, it will continue until speaking out becomes illegal.


Jubilee Close,