New law offers hope for Wigwam

I AM writing regarding the September 16 article in the Dispatch, concerning the latest applicatiion for village-green status at the Wigwam Playing Fields in Hucknall (‘Wigwam Gran Defies Diggers’).

Mrs Vera Malcolm was approached by her legal team to re-present her original application because new legislation would suggest that this application was in fact valid and would now be accepted.

A very long delay took place while other parties were deliberating their response to this. They had been notified immediately.

No-one could claim that they did not know about this. But it seems that the developers decided to proceed in the meantime.

If they were confident in their legal right to do so, then you would have expected a speedy response would have been forthcoming. That the building is now ongoing is not the fault of Mrs Malcolm in any way.

The people of Hucknall deserve to know the facts because many are still very concerned about the loss of the field that was part of this community.

I would also like to know exactly how many local jobs have been created as a result of this rush to place yet even more houses in Hucknall.


Leadale Avenue,