New-look High Street would have to be better policed

I WAS interested to read in last week`s Dispatch about the possibility of an inner bypass for Hucknall, complete with part-pedestrianisation of High Street.

I am in favour but I worry.

The pedestrianisation would improve the area for able-bodied and disabled alike, opening up the area and giving easy access for shopping etc. But would it?

If it is to remain as it is now, with little or no policing, it will continue to be as bad as it is now or get worse.

You cannot walk along High Street pavements or on the Market Place without having to avoid bikes and skateboards, together with dog mess and litter. A bigger area would invite more skateboarders etc in unless policed properly.

As for business, the empty shops could certainly do with filling, and we do need all the jobs we can create at times like these


Washdyke Lane,