New road junction lights the way for frustrated congestion-hit motorists

THE subject of my letter is the newly-completed junction of Forest Lane with Mansfield Road at Papplewick, but in particular the engineer who programmed the controls of the traffic lights.

Getting out of the junction, especially at rush hour, took anything up to 40 minutes and, for the less confident drivers among us, I can imagine it was white-knuckle frightening.

So why the praise and why this particular individual? Well, don’t get me wrong, the Tarmac is fine, the lights are bright and straight, the white lines are even nice. But what puts a smile on my face is how long I have to wait.

Twice last week, at peak traffic times, and following a convoy of about 15 cars along from Papplewick, I have gone straight through the lights on green. The longest I have had to wait was about a minute.

Even turning right into Forest Lane is a joy. The lights change almost instantly.

The person responsible for these lights changing in such a perfect way is the person who programmed the traffic-light controls.

To him or her, we send our most sincere gratitude, praise and thanks. Well done


Mansfield Road,