New Top Wighay homes will come with a free bus-service

ANGIE Gregory, writing in last week’s ‘Your Opinions’ (‘New Homes Would Have Dire Consequences For Hucknall’), has every right to be concerned about the proposed Top Wighay Farm development and its impact on local roads.

However, help is at hand in the form of Notts County Council’s (NCC) Highwaymen’s (sic) Team....from the same organisation which brought us the road network around Sherwood Business Park at Annesley.

You will get a forest of traffic lights and, if the developers have anything about them, all 4,500 houses will be equipped with state-of-the-art bus-time Indicators, giving ‘real time’ information to go alongside a FREE bus service. Hence, there will be no need for a large number of cars!

Do you think I’m joking? Take a look at the Lindhurst Development Transport Plan to the south of Mansfield. A total of 1,700 homes and more than 4,000 jobs. And, in the eyes of the NCC Highwaymen, not much impact on the local road network.

It is not in the interests of NCC to oppose Lindhurst or Top Wighay due them owning land! Sounds familiar?


Ruskin Road, Mansfield.