Not all skate-park users are thugs

I AM 13 years old and I skateboard frequently at Titchfield Park in Hucknall.

I am deeply offended by the accusation of Amanda Thorley in the Dispatch’s ‘Your Opinions’ section that we are all thugs (‘Skate Park Thugs Laughed As My Son Broke His Leg’).

I agree that some teens do use bad language but the majority of us are polite and kind.

I am very sorry that her son was injured but I would like to say that there is a very clear safety-warning that tells people to take care on the skatepark.

It is very difficult to stop accidents when you are moving at high speed.

We are not all ignorant, and when I broke my foot, all of the park was trying to help me.

If you put a maximum age-limit on the skatepark, the skaters would probably find somewhere to skate, like the Home Bargains store, which is dangerous and stupid.

If anything, we should put a minimum age-limit on it because it is a dangerous, extreme sport.

There will be accidents but a play park is for small children, NOT a skatepark.