Nothing wrong with solar panels

IN RESPONSE to Andrew Stevenson’s Letter in the Dispatch, titled ‘Solar Panels Can Ruin The Look Of Homes’, I too have seen a large increase in the number of solar panels in and around Hucknall. I do not, however, agree that there should be planning laws applied to the installation of solar panels.

The last thing that’s needed is red tape preventing people adopting renewable-energy systems. I suppose it all depends on how you view the solar panels as to whether you think they ruin the look of a property or not.

Granted, they are not the most attractive pieces of engineering ever created but they are fit for purpose and personally, I love the look of solar panels and what they represent. I envisage a time when solar panels are built in to all new homes as standard.

Many people would consider electricity, telephone and mobile phone masts/pylons unsightly, but no-one objects when they are erected because we all accept that they are a required part of modern life.

I think we all need to develop that mindset with rooftop solar panels and start looking at the bigger picture, rather than short-term negatives.

After all, if we continue burning fossil fuels at the rate we currently do, in 100 years or so, the world might be a very ugly place anyway! I just wish I had a suitable roof to install solar panels on.



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