Open Saturdays, but not Sundays

WITH reference to the article in last week’s Dispatch, ‘Eviction Blow To Tourism Group’.

Hucknall Tourism And Regeneration Group has been in Hucknall Library, as the information point for tourism and regeneration, for several years now.

Our move to the Coffee Tavern building on High Street did not change this. We continued to operate from both information points once the refurbishment of the library was complete.

Also, our opening times do not include Sundays. They do, however, include Saturdays, from 10 am to 12.30 pm.

In addition, when can we collect the funds for the free advertising of Greggs, next door to the Coffee Tavern building? Last week’s article must be worth its weight in sausage rolls!


Treasurer, Hucknall Tourism and

Regeneration Group.