Our royals and their array of medals

I WOULD like to clarify the position regarding the medals of our royal princes after the reply last week by Clive Burrows (‘Royal Princes DID Earn Their Medals’) to my original Letter of the previous week.

Prince Phillip wasn’t a royal when awarded his medal with oak leaf attached. Prince Andrew happened to be in the vicinity of a war zone at the time, as was Prince Harry, so that qualifies them for a medal.

There is not a Prime Minister or military bigwig who would be accountable for the death of a royal in so-called action.

Three medals on the chest of Phil and Chas represent a Coronation, a Queen’s Silver Jubilee and a Queen’s Golden Jubilee. The only qualification needed was to be in attendance at these occasions.

In 2006, Prince Charles was promoted to four-star rank in the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force, adding more metalwork to his chest. The rather nice-looking, white, enamelled Maltese Cross hanging from his neck is worn as Grand Master and Principal Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. What a mouthful!

I could fill two pages of our royals’ insignificant honours and medals but anyone who has a couple of hours to spare can obtain all the information on the Internet. Type in ‘medals’ and ‘honours’ for all our royalty and be very amused.


Field Avenue, Hucknall.