Parking should be free if possible

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IN the Dispatch dated March 2, I read with disgust and extreme disappointment that the charge for using the car parks around the town centre for an hour is to be doubled.

I can remember when these car parks were free to all persecuted motorists.

Quite often in our local paper, we are told how the town centre and associated shops are struggling to make a living while Tesco apparently goes from strength to strength, apart from recent minor wobbles in their Christmas trading figures.

Yet now the car owners of Hucknall and drivers from other districts have to dig deeper into their empty pockets just to satisfy Ashfield District Council.

When I drive or walk through the town, I can see how privileged we are to have to pay extra to see charity shops that are now closed, shop units that are now shut and what is basically a thorough mess of a High Street.

Go to Tesco or Morrisons or any nearby supermarket or trading estate and you park your vehicle for free. This is what the motorist wants and needs and not to arrive at council car parks having to find change, then walk to a machine and then back to one’s car.

Just having to pay 20p is a deterrent to go into Hucknall. It is not the cost, it is the principle. Parking should be free whenever possible.

Councillors, go to the United States and you will see that car parking is usually always free at shopping areas. I for one will avoid our illustrious town centre and continue to support shops and stores that provide me with what I want, which is free parking.



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