Pathway IS for horses

I WOULD like to respond to a Letter I have just read in a recent Dispatch, entitled ‘Horse-Riders Should Not Be On Pathway’.

I was shocked and, to be quite honest, laughing as I read this with a friend. She, like myself, is a Hucknall horse-owner and rider who has used that path for many years.

Simply put, it’s a bridlepath! Not only has it been a public bridlepath for many, many years, it is also signposted as one for walkers to be aware that they are very likely to come across a horse......because horses use bridlepaths!

I would suggest that for anyone who does not want to come across a horse while walking their dogs, they choose a path that isn’t a bridlepath.

Our bridleways have been reduced more and more over the years, making it more difficult to safely ride our horses in the countryside, Therefore, we find ourselves on the road in dangerous situations with careless drivers.

For that reason, I am very upset that riders are now even being criticised for using bridlepaths. I won’t sit back and let that happen.



(Address supplied).