Penny-pinching from elderly, sick and disabled

REGARDING the Letter from Roy Walters in the Dispatch of February 3, headed ‘Only Thing Cameron Knows About Poverty Is How To Distribute It’. I agree.

I think it is distressing to the elderly and vulnerable people who are having their benefits greatly cut. Old people are dying because of the cold, and people are cutting down on food.

This government must find a way of getting money back that the rich have taken from the poor. These fat cats have put us in a recession and should be made to pay it back.

As the saying goes, look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves. This is true, and what Cameron is doing is penny-pinching from the elderly, sick and disabled. Shame on you!

I just saw on the TV news that a banker has been given a bonus of £4-to-6 million. I believe that not one elderly person should die through hypothermia.

Have a heart and get compassion because, believe it or not, some people sit in candlelight to save on their electricity bills.


Salterford Road, Hucknall.