Pensioners should stick together

LAST week, I read that there are more people becoming pensioners this year than any other year in the past.

This is because of the 1947 baby boom after the war. This, plus all the women who were born in 1951 and have had to work an extra year before they were allowed to retire.

Pensioners and people coming up to pension age are the biggest single group of voters in Britain.

When elections come round, if all the pensioners decided that the political parties weren’t looking after their interests, threaten not to vote for them. If all pensioners did this, the politicians would soon change their minds.

But then again, the Clegg/Cameron conjunction promised the pensioners all sorts of inducements to get your vote. Clegg even signed his name to a manifesto. But as soon as he was in office, he changed his mind.

At the next General Election, will you vote for someone who lies to you just to get elected?

So, pensioners, stick together when it’s time to vote. Get the best out of the politicians or kick them out.

Write letters to the Dispatch about what you think of them.


Woodstock Street,