Photos show soiled sheets and litter in hospital cubicle

I WOULD like to reply to Michael Swinscoe and Gareth Foster, who wrote Letters to the Dispatch in last week’s ‘Have Your Say’ (‘Cleanliness And Staff At King’s Mill Can’t Be Faulted’ and ‘Food Dished Up To Patients Is Excellent’).

I do not doubt that both of you have full praise for King’s Mill Hospital, I am pleased that you both had a comfortable stay during your unfortunate illnesses.

However, I must point out that not all the staff on the emergency assessment unit (EAU) were lacking in their duty during my stay (Dispatch front-page March 9, ‘My Hospital Hell’). Just certain members of staff gave me cause for concern.

A cleaner was brought back to the unit by inspectors and told to clean under a bed she was supposed to have cleaned. A patient in the next cubicle returned his meal untouched, saying: “I bet those in prison get better than that.”

Furthermore, my bed table was faulty and ‘cocked over’ if you leaned on it. A nurse replied: “Don’t lean on it then.”

I do have photos of my cubicle, complete with soiled sheets and litter on the floor etc. There were other things as well but I leave my complaint in capable hands and hope for an early explanation.

Again, I must point out that not all departments and staff at King’s Mill Hospital are bad. But there is room for improvement.

I thank both Michael and Gareth for their comments, and also the Dispatch for a direct and professional story.


Byron Street,