Plans for Rolls site could be a false dawn for Hucknall

I READ the Dispatch article last week about the prestige plans to develop the Rolls-Royce site in Hucknall for 900 new houses and hundreds of jobs (front-page story, ‘Hucknall’s Future?’).

I have my doubts about this actually happening.

Here is how I would see such a landmark, bespoke masterplan going:

1) Developers apply for mixed housing and employment use.

2) Labour councillors get excited at the thought of jobs and give permission.

3) Nothing happens for two years.

4) Suddenly, as if by magic, an access road appears to keep the plan ‘alive’.

5) Developers are unable to get any interest in the site as there are more than adequate sites throughout Ashfield and the surrounding area.

6) Developers submit new plan for further housing.

7) Town centre continues to die.

Have a look at prestige plans up here in Mansfield that are still awaiting a start.

Ask yourself what benefit to Kirkby has the development off Kingsway brought?

Why hasn’t Notts County Council highways department got a strategic plan to better the roads in Ashfield and Nottinghamshire?


Ruskin Road,