Refund over sofa complaint

I AM replying to the letter printed in Have Your Say on June 8 from Brian Orton (‘Shop Sold Me A Broken Sofa’).

Mr Orton purchased a sofa from Family First on Ogle Street, Hucknall, which we delivered on Friday April 13. I do acknowledge that he could have been dealt with better and we are looking at clarifying our customer-service policy.

Mr Orton could have called the free phone number, which is in the ‘Yellow Pages’, and made a complaint, or written to Family First.

He would have been put in touch with me and we would have resolved this issue much quicker. Mr Orton has been contacted and we have offered him a full refund for the sofa.

I would like to clarify that the sofa was not broken when it was sold but it did break within four weeks, which is when Mr Orton complained about it.

Family First cannot guarantee the life of any second-hand product, but we will, in future, resolve any genuine problem that may arise.

We are a small, local charity working in the community and try to give an excellent service to our customers by providing qood-quality, low-cost new and second-hand furniture in an environment that reflects the value we place on our custom.

The recession has hit us hard like every other business in the town and we are always looking for donations of good-quality furniture, some of which is given away free to people on benefits struggling to create a home or who are victims of domestic abuse or fire.

The asra Housing Group, of which Family First is part, provide sheltered housing for people with mental-health issues, homeless teenagers and teenage mothers and their babies.

We also run the empowerment centre for people with mental-health problems, supporting them in every day life and helping them get back to work.


asra Housing Group.