Relatives would not disrespect memory of my late son

I AM writing regarding the Letter from Washdyke Watchdog in the Dispatch (‘Dog-Owning Thugs Who Think Washdyke Park Belongs To Them’, which berated dog owners who allow their pets to damage trees on the green site).

As the mother of the late Daniel Banks, to whom the park (part of the Washdyke Lane recreation ground in Hucknall) is dedicated, I was most upset by what I read.

One of the things that particularly annoyed me was that some of the offending people claimed to be Daniel’s relatives, thereby giving them some sort of right to behave that way.

I can assure everyone that none of my late son’s relatives would disrespect his memory in this way. Nor would they treat their animals in the manner described.

The park is there for the enjoyment of all local people, especially children who previously had no decent play area.

As pet owners ourselves, my family and I welcome responsible dog owners to the park — those who keep their animals under control. The safety of the children comes first.

Lots of people have told me how much their youngsters enjoy the park and I really hope they will continue to do so and are not put off by a few thoughtless individuals.

This is what our Daniel would have wanted.


Central Avenue, Hucknall.