Remembrance service brought tear to my eye

I AM ashamed to say it has been many a long day since I attended a Remembrance Day service.

But after attending the service carried out on Titchfield Park, reported in last week’s Dispatch, it made me proud to be British for once. And I am not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye.

I was standing next to Ellena, who makes me proud. In her eight years, she has done more for the Royal British Legion than I have in my life, which has reached peak and is on the downhill slope towards 100 (I hope!).

I was disturbed, but not surprised, that the service was overshadowed by the sound of referee whistles and football fans cheering. Is it a lot to ask that a small amount of quiet time is given once a year for the people who have died, and continue to die, for their country?


Washdyke Lane,