Revitalise the coal industry and slash our energy bills

COAL will keep the power on, create jobs and bring the cost of energy bills down.

According to an Ofgem report, the UK is at risk of electricity blackouts by 2015.

If the predictions come true, Britain could be left dependent on an unreliable undersea cable line with France for its emergency energy supply.

As a nation we have built countless wind turbines, which have been proven to inefficient and a complete waste of billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money, as well as a blow to the natural environment.

Ofgem warned in 2009 that customer bills may need to rise by 14 to 25 per cent to pay for investment to increase Britain’s energy supply by developing more low carbon power stations.

European rules state we have to adhere to their laws on pollution, therefore we cannot run our own coal powered stations — which we have countless reserves of.

We do not see the Americans, Chinese or Australians shutting their coal industry. So why has the UK?

We already have the technology to burn coal more cleanly and efficiently.

Revitalising the coal industry in this country would create new jobs, simulate the economy and make energy bills cheaper.


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