Rose-tinted specs can’t make town centre tidy

I HAVE been away for a few days and upon my welcomed return to a pleasant Hucknall, my rose-tinted glasses are no longer in place, leaving the town open to view in its real light.

Over the years there has been a slow decline of the High Street, just like many others in the UK.

Litter, cigarette ends, dog mess, advertising boards (a hazard to all who use the walkways of the town and more so to the partially-sighted) and most common, chewing gum.

While Ashfield Council does the best it can, with limited funds no doubt, the real problem is the people.

They would not do this in their own homes, or would they?

It is plain and simple bad manners.

Another issue is the loss of shops. Most would blame the new big superstores in the area, but no-one is forced to shop there, we vote with our feet.

I know they are a little cheaper, but at what cost to the community? So, is not now the time for a rethink?

Changing the shops into cheap flats/housing may help to solve some of the housing shortage along the way. There must be a use out there for them other than leaving them to decline further, they have been empty long enough.

Some even look likely to fall down soon.


Washdyke Lane,