Rotary Club’s sleigh is Christmas money well spent

WELL done to Coun Jim Grundy (Lab), of Hucknall, for his Letter in last week’s Dispatch (‘So How Did Rotary Club Spend Grant For Carnival That Never Took Place?’).

By no means am I writing this in a political way, nor do I wish to ridicule people’s names.

I am writing this on behalf of the many charities that benefit from Hucknall Rotary Club’s Santa’s Sleigh which tours the town.

Let’s not forget too the thousands who turned out at the Christmas Carnival.

I personally hope that the people of Hucknall still support and give generously when they see the sleigh on its travels around Hucknall and realise that most charities within our district are backed and supported by the Rotary Club.

No, I am not a member of the Rotary Club but I have recently received a donation from them for charity. I do understand and appreciate the good work they do for this town and I am sure the people of Hucknall are aware.

On a happy note, the sleigh looks fantastic and, in my opinion, it is money well spent. It gives great joy to all the children who see it and is a tradition which should carry on.

The sleigh will raise more money than it has cost to refurbish. How much value would you put on the sleigh? I am sure it would have cost a great deal more than £1,000, not to mention all the voluntary man-hours spent refurbishing and pulling the sleigh.

Well done and many thanks to the Rotary Club. Keep up your excellent work.


Shortwood Avenue,