RSPCA should have been called

WE have been taking our standard and toy poodles to Ann’s Dog Parlour in Hucknall every five weeks for the past 11 years. Suffice to say we have been more than pleased and have recommended it to various people, who have commented how nice our poodles have been groomed.

Prior to finding Ann’s Dog Parlour, we used another establishment — but only for a very short period because our poodles would come back home badly cut around their neck and face. This was particularly distressing because our toy poodle was 23 years old, blind and deaf.

We note in the Dispatch that a lady has suggested that Ann’s Dog Parlour should be closed down. We understand her dog was taken there in a very matted state. Had I been the proprietor, seeing a dog in such a deplorable state, I would have ascertained how long this person had had this dog. If the owner had said a year or so, I would have immediately called the RSPCA for sheer neglect and causing the animal considerable distress.


Main Road, Kirkby.