Safety action needed before someone is killed

I WOULD like to comment on the hit-and-run accident on Nottingham Road in Hucknall, which was reported in the Dispatch (‘Crossing-Safety Call After Boy (9) Is Hit-And-Run Victim’).

Only these last two weeks, my daughter and I have had near-misses on Nottingham Road.

Last week, we stood and waited for the traffic to stop. There was a bus at the stop on the same side as the Yew Tree pub. The traffic stopped on the other side and I could see nothing approaching us from the other way.

There was an Iceland delivery-van that had stopped, so we carefully stepped forward. But as we did so, a young woman in a dark car appeared out of nowhere. She was going too fast to stop and just hadn’t seen us.

It was only when the man in the Iceland van pipped her that she saw us. She just waved at us.

Then, this week, another young woman was going too fast and had to brake really hard to stop. We were already halfway across the road.

Something needs to be done with some urgency because I really don’t want to get a call one day to say my daughter has been in an accident.

They need to put a pelican crossing there before someone gets killed. Please look into this as a matter of urgency.