Scandalous sale of care home by councillors who don’t care

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SO our two Conservative county councillors for Hucknall, Kevin Rostance and Mick Murphy, think it’s good value when they sell six state-of-the-art, fit-for-the-21st-century care-homes for £2.5 million (last week’s Dispatch: ‘Jubilee Court In ‘Giveaway’ Storm’).

Their true value is £18 million. The land alone, at the Mansfield site (Maun View), is worth almost as much as that.

For their £2.5 million, the council has to pay back £600,000 to the Primary Care Trust to terminate its lease at Bramwell (Beeston/Stapleford) for dementia care. So in reality, they make only £1.9 million.

They continue to state that “there will be no change in service for the residents”. But the new owner has to continue as a care provider for only three years. What happens after that, nobody knows.

Also, in the case of our own Jubilee Court in Hucknall, they are removing the day centre. No change? I think they mean “don’t care”.

Hucknall residents will be aware that it was their council tax that paid for Jubilee Court. To let it go for the price of a large detached house is scandalous.

Does a Conservative leopard ever change its spots? No. Unemployment and an unprecedented reduction of services is their motto — and something that you’ll have to live with. Until the next election.


Hucknall West,

Ashfield District