Scourge of dog poo will reign forever

I HAVE written and read numerous Letters about dog mess over the last few years and nothing changes.

There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Dogs do not roam the streets in packs. Only people do this.

Until recently, I was a polite and considerate owner who always cleaned up. But sadly, my beloved pet is no longer with us.

I have lost count of the number of inconsiderate owners I have witnessed, allowing their dogs to create monster piles of poo and making no effort to clean up, trying to look innocent while checking in all directions that they are not being overlooked by others.

It is just as easy to remove the mess and keep a clear conscience. Sadly, I would have thought it is yet another sign of the low moral times we live in.

A friend, Trevor, witnessed a perfect example of how some owners do not care. A few weeks ago, on Titchfield Park football pitch, the goalkeeper went around the ground removing poo wearing his gloves.

This would possibly have transferred the excrement to the ball, followed by the players’ heads. Not nice, I think you would agree. Add to this the dangers of dog mess to children playing in the park.

I believe there is no answer. Poo will reign forever unless we have a policeman standing on every corner, which is not an improvement worth considering.

My wife has a better idea. If you see someone’s dog defecating, challenge them. She did, and the owner returned with a dustpan to pick up the dollop which had been deposited outside our gate.

Like many others, I do not have such courage, so what is the answer?


Washdyke Lane,