Scrap councillors and install an all-powerful manager

ONCE again I have been reading in the Dispatch about Ashfield District Council, this time about the Hucknall flea market, which is now known as the Bargain Market.

The council seems to be at a loss as to why it has gone downhill.

The flea market used to run from 6 pm until about 8 or 9 pm, then the council changed it to about 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm. Who can make these times?

It was the council that changed the times of the flea market, that’s why it went downhill. The church did ok with tea and cakes, but once the times had changed then this was no longer viable.

Look at the Friday market; it seems you can count the stalls on one hand, why has this gone downhill?

Bulwell is now a thriving community, the market seems to be on most days. There is always lots of people around, compared to Hucknall.

It’s about time we got rid of councillors and put in place one manager controlling all departments.

This person would be voted in every four years on their written policy and people would vote on the terms of that policy.

This in turn would be their contract and if the council think one man could not do this, then think again. Someone would pick up the mantle and no doubt do an excellent job. This would even save money.



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