Selfish drivers are ignoring the rules at Duke Street junction

WHAT is happening at the Duke Street exit on to High Street in Hucknall?

For many, many years, it has been ‘No Exit’ at the bottom of Duke Street through the traffic lights.

But I have noticed a large amount of drivers blatantly now disregard these signs and exit Duke Street through the lights.

I even saw a traffic warden crossing at the lights, while a car came illegally through the lights, and did not even take any action.

In a 30-minute period on Monday this week, seven vehicles came through the lights illegally. Why is nothing done about this?

Drivers are seeing others doing this and are following suit. The authorities must know about this because the junction has CCTV coverage. But they obviously choose to ignore this blatant act.

Something needs to be done before there is an accident here due to these selfish drivers ignoring the rules.

PS: six of the seven drivers were taxi-drivers who seem to think they have right of way.


Shortwood Avenue,