Selfish drivers left pet cat lying on road to die

THE driver who knocked down a black cat in Hucknall — and the succession of drivers and pedestrians who left this injured pet lying in the road — should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

The cat was lying on Common Lane, between Beauvale Road and Wood Lane, on Tuesday last week (November 8) at about 3.30 pm.

I followed cars that swerved around this poor animal, leaving it in the path of the next vehicle.

I carefully and promptly took the cat to the Buckley House veterinary surgery on West Street, which just took me a few minutes of my time.

A short time later, one of their staff telephoned me to tell me the cat had been put on a drip and, fortunately, was chipped, enabling them to try and contact the owner. Twenty-four hours later, I hearned that the cat had died.

I understand some people just could not bring themselves to move or pick up an injured or dead, domesticated animal. But they could at least have stopped their car and tried to protect it from further injuries.

I just wonder how these selfish people would feel if it was their cherished pet or a family member left on the road to die.


Buckingham Avenue,