Send thrill-seekers to the front line

WITH regard to the letter in last week’s ‘Your Opinions’ column about the damage caused by selfish dog owners who pull down branches for their dogs to grip and destroy on the Washdyke Lane recreation ground in Hucknall (‘Dog-Owning ‘Thugs’ Who Think Washdyke Park Belongs To Them’).

I too have witnessed this act, so was therefore very interested in an article published in the ‘Mail On Sunday’ newspaper entitled ‘Devil Dog Deterrent’.

It spoke about councils smearing grease on trees in public parks to prevent pitbulls mauling them for fighting practice. Apparently this is commonplace for cruel dog-owners who are preparing their dogs to fight as it strengthens the dog’s jaws and shoulders.

The cost to councils to treat or cut down damaged trees is running into thousands of pounds.

Due to fears of reprisals, I did not challenge the selfish dog-owner I saw. After reading the article I am so pleased that I kept quiet.

However, it saddens me, especially in light of recent violent episodes in London and Birmingham, that we, the silent majority, are allowing thuggish behavior to take over our society.

Perhaps it is time to bring back National Service and send these thrill-seekers to the front line in Afghanistan and then we can see how tough they are.



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