Shame on council for forcing us to cancel Jubilee street-party

MYSELF and a few of our neighbours decided to put together a street party in Annesley for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

We had made a few enquiries to the council about having a road closure in place and we were going to fund the event by ourselves until we found out that there were funds we could have to help us from local councillors.

So we got in touch and raised about £650 towards the party. We then decided to hold it as a village street-party at the back of our houses where we have a big, open grassed area that is rented by our parish council.

We asked the parish council for their permission to use the land, only to be given a page full of things that we had to agree with before they would agree to us using the land. Things such as taking out insurance, having first-aiders in place and a licence to play music.

The idea of a street party is for the children of the village to have a bit of fun. We had bouncy castles on order and a children’s entertainer with balloon-art puppets and music and we were telling people to bring a picnic and a blanket. We thought it would be good fun, all being held on Tuesday June 5.

Our parish council have nothing in place for a street party in June and have not budgeted for a street party. We were told this when we went to the council meeting to ask them for a donation towards our party.

So we thought what we were doing was a good idea. We first said it was for the residents of Moseley Road but then we opened it up and decided to invite the whole village as the council were not doing anything on the official day.

The parish council are having an open day in July for their newly-refurbished parish hall, but not for the Queen’s Jubilee.

How patriotic of our parish council to give us all these requirements, knowing we have no time to comply with them, which means we have to cancel all the things we have booked and tell all the kids that there will be no street party now.

The parish council do nothing for the village as it is, and no-one is interested in the parish hall refurbishment. All the money that has been spent on it could have been spent on better things for the whole village instead of a small minority of people.

There are only two groups of people who use the parish hall and on only one day in the week — the over-50s on Wednesday afternoons and the youth club on Wednesday nights. We have to wonder was it worth spending £300k on something that’s never really used.

All we wanted to do was celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. How many times do you get to celebrate a Jubilee in a lifetime?

Some of the kids might never see one again in their lifetime but we have been denied the chance to show them what a street party is really like — by our own parish council that we pay council tax to every year.

It’s disgusting. Shame on the parish council for not showing any patriotism towards our Queen.



Moseley Road,