Sheepdog owner is responsible

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I AM writing in response to last Friday’s Dispatch regarding the elderly gent with the old English sheepdog (‘Offenders Should Be Named And Shamed’).

The elderly gent spoken of IS a responsible dog owner who DOES pick up after his dog. I and many other dog-walkers can vouch for this lovely gentleman and I hope they all make their voices heard through the Dispatch.

So, Name and Shame, as well as upsetting a man who was very poorly, you were so, so wrong. You see, this man’s dog is a bitch so you probably witnessed her doing a wee.

Keep your eyes on the road in the future, mate, and snitch on the guilty in the future, they deserve it.

People who are guilty are cowards. They take their dogs out off the lead when it’s really dark. That’s how they get away with it. No-one sees them.



(Name and address supplied).