Shocking baseball bat attack by mum outside school

I AM writing regarding an absolutely appalling incident that happened outside Hucknall National Primary School on Friday September 23.

As usual, a particular mum zoomed up Montague Road and parked on the zig-zag lines where the lollipop lady stands. She is always late and ends up dragging her child into the school.

There have been lots of altercations between her and other parents and residents of the street in the past. But on this particular occasion, as she was running across the road, she falsely accused another parent who was parked on the other side of the road of “nearly ****ing knocking her child over.”

She proceeded to reel off some more extremities before storming off into the school threatening to see the other parent when she returned. During all of this, the school caretaker stood at the school entrance and did nothing to intervene, despite there being lots of children around witnessing this.

When the woman returned to her car, she opened the boot and produced a baseball bat. She ran over to the car of the other parent, who had her young, distressed daughter in the back. She hit the car with the bat and goaded the parent to get out.

When she did so, she hit the lady around the head with the baseball bat and they ended up falling to the floor.

Again, during all of this, the caretaker did nothing. I asked him if he was going to call the police. He said that he wasn’t because the attack took place off the school premises.

This was totally out of order. As a member of the public, as a witness to the whole incident and as a person responsible for the children of that school’s welfare, he had a duty to call the police. Instead, it was left for someone else to do so.

In true style, when the police arrived, the caretaker walked off and did not even offer to give a witness statement.

After what had happened at National Comprehensive School the previous day, you would have thought the staff would be doing everything in their power to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children. The caretaker’s judgement on this day was very poor and I hope he is disciplined for his lack of concern, whether it be on school premises or elsewhere.

As for the disgraceful mother, she should be ashamed of herself. She is not fit to be a parent in my eyes and this is not the first incidence of violence in and around the school grounds involving her.

I hope the head teacher is going to think long and hard as to whether the school needs parents like this.


Michelle Saxton,


(Address supplied).