Shop sold me a broken sofa

I RECENTLY visited the Family First shop on Market Place, Hucknall, on recommendation, as I was moving into a flat and was in need of some cheap furniture.

I decided to buy a second-hand, two-seater sofa, priced £60, and a brand new bed, and I paid £15 for delivery.

A couple of weeks later, after furnishing, I moved into the flat and I sat on the sofa. Each end was OK but when I sat in the middle, I sank down.

Upon investigation, I found, to my horror, that the wooden frame was completely broken.

I called back at the shop but it was closed. I also made several phone-calls that went unanswered.

I managed to find the shop open a few days later and called in to explain my problem to the shop assistant who had sold me the items. He said he would contact his boss, pass on my predicament and get back in touch with her answer.

I received a call from the assistant, who said there was nothing his boss was prepared to do because all items were sold as seen. But there was no sign on the sofa, saying ‘Sold As Seen’, and I explained that you could not see the damage anyway.

I would not have purchased the sofa if I had known it was damaged and I did not expect the shop to sell damaged goods. He said his boss was not prepared to exchange or refund my money.

The most upsetting thing about this is that, in between the time I bought the items and moving into the flat, there was a death in the family and items of furniture were donated to Family First, including a sofa.


Annesley Road,