Should Byron Festival take a break?

HAVING been informed about the lack of public attendance once again at the International Byron Festival based in Hucknall, I feel I must put words to paper.

I would ask the organisers if it might be wise to hold the festival over for a year to acquire more funding and more help to put on a festival that is worthy of the name Byron.

I read in the Dispatch that the attendance was fairly low this year. It does not really surprise me. I had a talk with a local councillor who said: “The events in the past were tried and tested.” I really doubt this.

As this appears the norm, would it not be prudent to ask the public their feelings on this matter as it is they who are expected to support these events? Maybe a stall on the market (they are free to local groups).

Possibly a few changes of time and venue may be in order and possibly a greater amount and wider spread publicity, ie TV and radio to name but a couple.

Would it not be an idea maybe to have a few events to be run at Newstead Abbey, Byron’s ancestral home? Characters being attired in the dress of the period, poetry and talks, readings of Byron, etc, also maybe walks and talks around the garden, shows even, and stalls — properly organised, of course.

If members of the Byron Society cannot see the potential, it would really make me wonder if the right people are organising the festival to its full advantage. Maybe they should step aside for someone else to see the fuller potential possible.


(Name and address supplied).