So how did royal princes earn their medals?

ONCE again, we are informed of the very brave deeds of our servicemen and women of our armed forces who are rightly awarded medals for their outstanding courage and selflessness while in combat against a mostly unseen enemy.

We hear of a young Gurkha soldier singlehandedly, under extreme armed fire, hold his ground bravely and see his enemy off. He was awarded the highest honour.

Also, we hear of the the courageous action of the helicoptor pilot who went into active enemy territory twice to recover wounded soldiers.

They were just two of many worthwhile awardees of one or possibly two medals. So can someone please explain how Phil and Chas (alias Prince Philip and Prince Charles) have got that many medals adorning thier chests they will need a yard of curtain track affixed to their uniforms to make it easier to pop another meaningless gong on.

Perhaps they commemorate knot-tying, campfire-cooking, starting a fire with two sticks of wood, laundering with only a nearby stream to use and winning bob-a-job week before it was scrapped.

Any meaningful information will be much appreciated.


Field Avenue,