Society is morally bankrupt

MY HUMBLE view is that we live in a morally bankrupt society where politicians take the credit when things go right, but never take responsibility for mistakes.

A society where bankers nearly destroyed the finances of the country but maintain their champagne lifestyles. Where the young have no fear or respect of authority and the police and the courts are ineffective because of political correctness and small punishments.

I know this is a very simple view of a very complicated problem.

We live on a small island which has little or no industries, therefore little or no future for thousands of people coming out of education each year or people arriving in the country each day.

A small criminal element see an opportunity to rob and other, normally law-abiding citizens join in because they think most will not be caught and, if they are caught, the punishment will be soft.

Everything starts at the top, so let the top take responsibility and lead us as they should and spend the money where it is required.

Stop selling the country short by giving contracts to overseas companies and bring in policemen who know nothing of our society.


Washdyke Lane, Hucknall.