Solemn silence broken by swearing from footballers

YET another year has passed by with all the wear and tear, both emotional and physical, on your body and soul.

I find myself at the Titchfield Park cenotaph in Hucknall on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

It may be my imagination, but there seems to be fewer people each year.

A fire engine, brass band, military etc are here and a very moving service is performed, but as I stand with my back to the park with a tear in my eye and head bowed, the only thing to break the perfect two-minute silence was the sound of referees’ whistles and profane language flying off the football pitches.

Come on Ashfield District Council, (I am not a spoil sport, in fact I am a fan of football and sport in general), hasn’t the time come to delay the start of these games out of respect for past brave souls of two world wars and those who continue to give their lives for us so we may retain our free will and speech? LEST WE FORGET.


Washdyke Lane,