Stop Gedling’s Mr Sneaky building houses here

I HAVE just started reading the ‘Mr Men’ books. I have found most of them, such as ‘Mr Messy’, ‘Mr Tickle’ and ‘Mr Bump’, very interesting reading.

However, I’ve just finished reading my latest one, ‘Mr Sneaky’, and have found this book very disturbing.

Mr Sneaky is a man who works for Gedling Borough Council and has decided to build 4,500 houses on the very outskirts of its district. But really, they are basically in Ashfield and Hucknall, a town that has way too many houses built on Green Belt land already. It is a town that has over-stretched public services, lacking general facilities and over-populated.

Thanks a lot, Mr Sneaky. Please build these houses somewhere else. It really is unreal that this could happen, and it wouldn’t surprise me one jot if this happened.

What can our councillors do? Probably nothing. And what about MP Mark Spencer? Probably nothing again. Would you be bothered if you lived in leafy, spacious Lambley? He does not live here. Being an MP is just a job for him.

Forget the silly websites trying to stop this. Get the tanks, cannons and machine guns out. Look what happened with the protests over the Wigwam playing fields. Nothing! (Only joking about the tanks, but you do wonder).

It’s got that bad with Green Belt land disappearing, I now have to take my young Boxer dog, Archie, for a good run on the old unused Rolls-Royce runway. It’s a shame planes don’t land there any more. Mind you, it’s just like most Hucknall roads — full of potholes.

Talking of Rolls-Royce, let’s hope they manage to keep all the sports teams. It’s amazing how many people use its facilities — from the ages of five to 90!

Rolls-Royce is a great symbol for Hucknall. Let’s hope the Rolls-Royce story continues and the Gedling housing scheme is defeated.

These events have even left my tortoise, Tarquin, shellshocked!


Woodlands Grove,