Stop paying for wardens and make car-parking free in Hucknall

WITH reference to the article in the Dispatch earlier this month, entitled ‘Parking Charges Helping To Kill ‘Heart’ Of Hucknall’.

I was wondering if I am stupid, but can someone answer me a question?

I understand that the council may have to pay for electricity (lighting) and maintenance in the car parks (although I don’t see that costing that much, maybe a pothole to fill here and there).

CCTV? Maybe, but I would have thought the police may help out with that.

Business rates? Mmm, I don’t know about that.

But bills for water? Why is that? Can I wash my car using a communal hose pipe on Piggins Croft car park in Hucknall?

Or is there a water fountain on the Market Place car park that I can use after visiting all the charity shops and banks on the High Street (note the sarcasm)?

Mmmm, maybe I am stupid, but it is obvious to me — and everyone else — that the car-parking charges are killing Hucknall.

Make it free, Ashfield District Council. Get rid of the parking wardens who are employed and save your money there.

Because if you don’t, Hucknall town centre will no longer exist.

But then again, perhaps that’s what some want.

It seems some can’t wait to say....Hucknall is dead, long live Tesconall!!!



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